Hi Folks!
This is a new startup to bring up the backward villages forward and to make them use the digital platform more during this COVID situation. As we all know this has been very hard on all of us but in urban areas, we still have this no contact delivery of almost everything on our doorsteps, but villages are not covered for such deliveries.

So here we are starting with ‘Janta Ki Dukan’ where we are trying to contribute to the idea of Digital India.
We are trying to take a step forward and help villagers to get stuff with safety on their doorsteps too.

‘Janta Ki Dukan’ is an online grocery store where delivery is available to villages only for now. Hoping that this could help in humankind and the development of rural areas, we will plan to come to urban soon.

Product – You are going to get super quality products here, products with big names and everything are available with just one click and it will be delivered to your place.

It’s your neighborhood grocery store where you have to send your kid or you yourself have to step out even in lockdown for your essentials but now we are on board to figure this out for you.
We will deliver everything you need with quality and safety to you.